“Well, we’m 'ere and when you 'ears us you'll know it. From good old table thumpin’, drinkin’ moosic, to tearful renditions of The Chastity Belt, you’ll be entertained.


Meet the Band


Mucker Mike on the tea chest 'is famous for 'is deep silage laced voice. ‘is natural rustic looks will send you runnin’ for your camera.


Crafty Clive has unfortunately retired from the band and moved out of our area. We are hoping that he may be able to perform at some of our shows, and we wish him all the very best in his new location.


However we have two new vocalists who joined us at the end of last year. They are:-


Roger the Dodger who's time was well spent in Bristol learning cider songs.


Jolly Judy who keeps Roger the Doger in tune - if she can!!!


RusticRex sings stories what amaze you, but 'is Duck sings even better !! 


Bumpkin Bill started life composing, and now is rapidly decomposing !!

But, 'is tonsils are magic - just wait ‘till you ‘ear ‘im sing.


Lady Muck-Spreader  keeps us in time on the drums - most of the time!


Compost John on the tuba, whose deep wind can be 'eard all round the showground, adds the farmyard atmosphere most would like to avoid.


Lord Hayrick keeps fit on the chest expanders, usually called a piano accordion, by playing the melody (when he can keep up). Try and spot 'im in the back row. 


Hampshire’s favourite Agricultural Band.


Our show's all about having fun and listening to some fantastic West Country Moosic.

So come along to one of our shows, pick up a tambourine, and enjoy yourselves.

Our songs include: Cider Drinker, Combine Harvester, Blackbird, Drink up Ye Cider, Don’t Tell I, and many more of your old favourites.


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Pictures of us at Sherborne and Bill with his guitar,

now meet our new member, 'andy Andy

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