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Being keen fans of the Adge Cutler brand of music and west country humour, we try and follow the tradition by playing west country cider drinking music and songs. If we can’tfind enough cider drinking songs - well we just play drinking songs. Interspersed with the odd Irish number and traditional, we keep your feet tapping


Typical songs you will hear are: Cider Drinker, Landlord, Combine Harvester, Chicken Catcher, Blackbird and many, many more


Dressed in our country smocks, gaiters and neckerchiefs, we certainly draw the crowds. We’re not sure if it’s out of curiosity or their love of music, but we certainly draw ‘em !!


To watch us playing at the Great Dorset Steam Fair click here


To watch us playing at Rudgwick Steam Show 2016  click here


















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